Success using 'The Whip'™ - Keep sending us your pictures!

"The three of us caught this mixed bag of panfish near Siren, WI all on the Whip. The big crappies love the bubble gum color."

"I was introduced to the whip about 6 weeks ago and I have been using it almost exclusively since I received my order. The whip is very impressive and seems to trigger bites when live bait will not. The attached photo is evidence. Very impressed. Thanks." Dennis M., Menomonie, WI


'The Whip' has made it out to sunny California. Customer Frank X. has been nailing some 16" crappies on open water! Thanks for the pictures Frank.

"Just letting you know i love the actions on these whips! they're badass! I bought a batch last year and it has caught me many many panfish. what I love most about these whips is that no matter what, these fish will bite as long as you work it right. Thank you so much for such a great service." Lue V., Saint Paul, MN


"Just wanted to say thanks for a great product, you guys rock!! My buddy turned me on to the Whip and made me a believer. We got our limit of crappies in a couple of hours. We used the red, white and new clear tails. No more stopping at the bait store for me. Thanks again guys! Hooked on the whip." Justin M., Seymour, WI

Giant Wisconsin Bluegill!


"I have competed in the Ice Team and Extreme Ice fishing series for quite a while. I purchased your propack and used them while prefishing Castlerock Flowage for the Extreme Ice tournament and founf them so effective that I used them during the actual tournament. As a result my teammate and I won. You have a great product and it is a vital part of my bait arsenal." Mike R., Cadott, WI

Tanner from Bloomer, WI caught this 14" crappie on a red Whip the first time he used one. Way to go Tanner!

Chris caught this 13+ inch perch on a blood red Whip on a tip-down.

"Got this pair with The Whip!" Eric F., Boyceville, WI

"I caught this 10 inch bluegill on a black Whip. They really work for the big gills!" Don D., Chippewa Falls, WI


"Just wanted to let you know what a great bait you make. Been killing fish with them for a long time Thanks for an unbelievable product." David M., Powell, OH

"I got this picture of the perch I caught with your Whips from a friend of mine." Mike C., Stevens Point, WI

"Once again 'The Whip' out fished live bait. This time 6-1. While fishing with 5 friends I only used the Whip. They fished with the same jig, line, grubs,mags,wax worms, etc. We rotated location all day. Thanks again for a great product. Pic attached was right before my limit." Kenneth C., Plains, PA

"The perch really love them!" Mike F, Siren, WI

"These crappies hit red Whips" Paul F, Colfax, WI

These Bluegills and Crappies hit the blood red and motor oil color Whips.

"I'll never mess with bait again. I got these panfish using orange and black whips. They really nail 'em!" Matt K., Racine, WI

"Me and a buddy got these Bluegills and a few Crappies using your platic tails. They really work!" Pat B., Green Bay, WI

Mike H. got this nice crappie on an orange Whip.

Pro Vincent Hytry caught these prize winning gills during a competition using The Whip.

This batch included a 10.25" pounder and many other nice gills caught by pro Vincent Hytry and The Whip.

Duke M. got these on black and purple while using a palm rod.

More Products

Whip Pro-Pack
6 Colors

This Pro-Pack contains our 6 best all-around colors. 30 of each Red, Black, Purple, Orange, White/Pearl, Motor Oil, in the wide ziplock for quicker baiting when your fingers are cold but the bite is Hot!

Item Number: 1801
Piece Count: 180 Whips
Availibility: In Stock
Ice Fishing Plastic Tail Pro-Pack Price: $23.22 USD
Special Price: $17.95 USD

10 of over 40 Jumbo Perch caught on 'The Whip'.

Two of many nice crappies on 'The Whip'.

Another limit caught on 'The Whip'.

Nice bluegill Son!

Whip Sampler Pack

10 each of all 11 colors. Red, Black, Purple, Orange, White/Pearl, Blood Red, Motor Oil, Fluorescent Pink, Bubble Gum, Fluorescent Orange, Yellow Chartreuse. Lubricated with an Anise scented oil. Click here for smaller quantities and more colors.

Item Number: 1101
Piece Count: 110
Price: $14.19 USD
Special Price: $11.95 USD

   The Whip Sampler Pack

"This 1.5 pound, 13.5 inch Crappie hit a black Whip." Paul F., Colfax, WI

"There not just for ice fishing anymore. They work great in the summer too." John K., Waterford, WI

"I just put in an order for 3 packs of the motoroil color today! I'm so glad you gave me some to try and wanted to say thanks! You guys have a great product! I may never buy spikes or waxies again!" Jason S., Milwaukee, WI

"Thanks for the package of Whips. Here is a picture of a bucket of perch I caught on the white color." Chris F., Rochester, MN

"I heard some guys talking about The Whip, so I googled it and found your website. I ordered the 100-pack and was a little skeptical because I haven't used artificial bait before. I had to email you because I used them last Saturday and had a great time. It seems the Crappies really prefered the purple and black but caught big bluegills on all the colors. I don't fish all that much so the 100-pack will last me a long time and is a GREAT BARGAIN and much cheaper than live bait. Thanks for the jigging tips too." Johannes K., Wausau, WI

Buy The Whip

We have created a 100-pack of the 5 most productive colors (Red, Orange, Black, White, and Purple). You'll get 20 whips of each color, individually packaged in bags of 10. Click here for smaller quantities and more colors.

Item Number: 1001
Availibility: In Stock
Piece Count: 100 Whips

List Price: $12.95 USD
Special Price: $10.45 USD