The Whip™ - "The Original Soft Plastic Ice Fishing Tail"

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There are similar, more expensive, plastic tails out there but none of them are as lifelike or produce the irresistible whipping, tail flicking, action like The Whip™. Often when the fish are neutral and the bite is almost completely shut down, The Whip™, fished with the proper technique, will trigger bites when nothing else will. Now after 30 years of sharing plastics with friends and curious fishermen out on the ice, The Whip™ is finally available to everybody. If you haven't experienced the convenience and satisfactions of ice fishing with The Whip™, you can have a pack on its way to your door in about a minute. We manufacture, package, and sell The Whip™ right here in Wisconsin. Therefore, you can buy factory direct on this website knowing you are getting "The Original Whip" at a great price and low shipping costs.

As seen in the February 2008 issue of the Badger Sportsmans magazine!

Does The Whip™ outfish waxies, wigglers, spikes, maggots, and mousies?

Yes! Here's why:

  • More Action - You can't stop The Whip™ from moving! But when a grub hits 35 degree water, it doesn't wiggle.
  • More Color - You don't have to worry about your jig color, just change the color of The Whip™ you are using.
  • More Time Fishing - No more picking through saw dust to find a live one! The Whip™ is super soft but it doesn't rip off the hook very easily. Limits have been caught on just a Whip or two.
  • More Scent & Oil - The Whip™ is formed from a super soft plastic that is impregnated with our special SL-B scent and then coated with an anise scented oil. The scent triggers strikes, but the fish won't let go because the soft oily body of The Whip™, infused with SL-B, tastes like food!
  • More Light - The Whip™ is translucent and light hiting it is focused at points like fiber optics.

Good luck fishing! And remember... when the bites in doubt, get 'The Whip' out!

Buy The Whip

We have created a 100-pack of the 5 most productive colors (Red, Orange, Black, White, and Purple). You'll get 20 whips of each color, individually packaged in bags of 10. Click here for smaller quantities, more color choices, and other unique products.

Item Number: 1001
Availibility: In Stock
Piece Count: 100 Whips

List Price: $12.95 USD
Special Price: $10.45 USD

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NEW! MegaXtenDapter
Extreme Duty
Ice Auger Drill Adapter

18" long with 3 length settings. High quality American cold rolled steel and zinc electro-plated. For 1/2" chuck drills. Fits Strike-Master, Mora Ice Augers. We also have some threaded versions for the old style threaded blue Mora hand augers.

Item Number: 302
Availibility: In Stock
Ice Auger Drill Adapter Price: $39.95 USD
Special Price: $29.95 USD

Tapped with Female Threaded Version Item Number: 303
Availibility: In Stock
Threaded Ice Auger Drill Adapter Price: $42.95 USD
Special Price: $32.95 USD

Whip Pro-Pack
6 Colors

This Pro-Pack contains our 6 best all-around colors. 30 of each Red, Black, Purple, Orange, White/Pearl, Motor Oil, in the wide ziplock for quicker baiting when your fingers are cold but the bite is Hot!

Item Number: 1801
Piece Count: 180 Whips
Availibility: In Stock
Ice Fishing Plastic Tail Pro-Pack Price: $23.22 USD
Special Price: $17.95 USD

Satisfaction Guarantee: We are very proud of The Whip and personally use it exclusively. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price!